Unscrupulous people and scams can hit you anywhere. We want to protect our users and help them take care of their security, so we have collected the most relevant information and tips on what to look out.

The best way to avoid fraud is to contact the seller or the buyer directly, to see the item and pay for it or collect money.

And for that example we have three main rules:

  • Buy with confidence by reviewing a seller’s feedback.
  • Buy with confidence by reading the item description before placing a bid.
  • Buy with confidence by asking the seller a question and waiting for an answer before you hit the buy button.

Also be careful when buying expensive items such as cell phones, laptops, TVs, airline or event tickets. Never share your personal or bank details (such as your credit card number) with other people online.

Don’t trust the unique, amazing deals and the large sums of money offered for helping with any task. Be careful when paying online – do it safely – do not use the instant cash transfer services to pay for your purchase.

What to pay particular attention:

  • Incomplete scans – can include corrected the script, or pencil was filling for example.
  • Offers with photos from the internet – images can mislead you because they often fail to reflect the actual state of the item.
  • Stay alerted if someone sells a high-value item at an incredibly low price – that does not happen too often.

Few other useful tips:

  • Stay safe online by protecting your computer or mobile devices against different types of viruses.
  • Stay safe online by protecting your account password.
  • Stay safe online by avoiding spoof emails and websites.

We’ve prepared a sample content with some valuable safety tips, which you can use inserting in a custom HTML module and publish it on selected subpages:

Some Important Safety Tips

  • Always inspect items before paying
  • Beware of underpriced offers.
  • Avoid to wire money online or advance payments.
  • Pay for shipping only if you know the seller
  • Be careful when buying high-value items.
  • Never share your financial information to make or accept a purchase.
  • Beware of unusual/suspicious requests