• February 4, 2024 8:47 am
  • North America

The Benefits of Alescargot Commercial LicenseA Revolution in Mobile Fast Food: Our mobile gourmet trailer is transforming the industry by offering a fresh and innovative experience. Superior Versatility to Traditional Food Trucks: Alescargot is more flexible than a typical food truck. Unmatched Adaptability Compared to a Simple Caravan: Our concept easily adapts to various environments and situations. Appealing and Quick Meal Options for Everyone: Our snail shell offers a range of enticing products ready in an instant to satisfy all customers. Diverse Location Opportunities: Thanks to this exceptional innovation, explore multiple placement possibilities. Unique Cutting-Edge Technology: Benefit from cutting-edge technology that sets you apart from the competition. No Competition in a Similar Model: You will be the only one offering this unique experience in the market. A Growing and Sustainable Market: Enjoy a booming sector that provides long-term development opportunities. High Profitability: With reduced costs and no losses, you’ll maximize your profits. Total Flexibility in Location Selection: You have the freedom to choose where to set up your Alescargot based on opportunities. Wide Range of Products: Offer a variety of products to satisfy a broad range of customers. Organic Quality: Our products are of organic quality, meeting the growing demand for healthy eating. Turnkey Solution: We provide a ready-to-use vehicle to facilitate your startup. Technical and Business Training: Benefit from comprehensive training to succeed in this exciting field. Discover a new level of freedom with the Alescargot Commercial License!


  • Location : Europe


  • Step 1: Questionnaire completion, initial contact, and phone call.
  • Step 2: Signing of the Pre-Contractual Information Document (DIP).
  • Step 3: Introduction to the Alescargot concept.
  • Step 4: Feasibility analysis and project development.
  • Step 5: Candidate approval and contract signing.
  • Step 6: Launch of the mobile gourmet trailer construction.
  • Step 7: Training of the new licensee.
  • Step 8: Support until the delivery of the gourmet trailer.
  • Step 9: Inauguration and project kickoff.

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