• February 4, 2024 8:15 am
  • North America

The Benefits of Alescargot Licensing!

Don’t miss out on our special offer for Alescargot Licensing, available until February 14, 2023.

This unique license is being offered at an exceptional rate of €25,000, significantly lower than its regular price of €36,450, and that’s not even considering the countless invaluable benefits included.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to seize this advantageous offer!

This offer includes:

  1. Legal organization assistance: €500 (1 year).
  2. Legal and accounting support with access to professionals: €1,800 (1 year).
  3. Customized turnkey heliciculture business plan for 3 years, including the business plan and financial projections: €15,000.
  4. Infrastructure study for your snail farms, including plans, tool list, materials list, and delivery methods. Online coaching for park construction. Each element is detailed in the business plan (materials, quantity, price, supplier, delivery). (Invaluable)
  5. Real-time ongoing training tools tailored to your heliciculture seasons, with continuous updates based on technological advancements in research and development. (Invaluable)
  6. Ongoing group or individual support upon request. (Weekly Zoom)
  7. Group pricing and supplier list for the inputs needed for your snail farm. (Invaluable)
  8. Purchase contract for a portion or the entirety of your heliciculture production (Contract terms to be negotiated after license signing).
  9. Priority access to business opportunities based on Alescargot’s development in France. (Invaluable)
  10. Domain name for €50 (2 years).
  11. Web hosting and applications: €1,500 (2 years).
  12. Account creation, management, and training on the proper use of YouTube: €1,500 (1 year).
  13. Account creation, management, and training on the proper use of Facebook: €1,000 (1 year).
  14. Communication and marketing with 4 interviews: €2,000 (2 years).
  15. Weekly group coaching: €2,000 (1 year).
  16. Primary Farmer Member Membership with exclusive benefits: €6,000 (1 year).
  17. Showcase Website (Creation): €1,500.
  18. Monthly updates for the showcase website: €3,600 (2 years).
  19. Monthly updated recipe book and personalized Alescargot calendar.

I am thrilled to present this unique opportunity! The current value of our license is set at €25,000, a strategic choice as its price will increase to €35,000 after February 14, 2024.

This represents an impressive 40% growth, resulting in a net gain of €10,000 in just a few weeks!

But the offer goes beyond that. By making this purchase now, you will receive valuable privileges. Any license acquired before February 14, 2024, will include all future additions and updates for free.

This is a fantastic opportunity to accelerate your heliciculture project while minimizing costs and maximizing results.

I am confident that you will be captivated, just as our future licensees will be, by the exclusive benefits and services we offer.

Being part of our dynamic and innovative community guarantees not only a profitable investment but also a memorable and rewarding experience.

I eagerly look forward to welcoming you as one of our Alescargot licensees, where innovation is synonymous with success!


  • Location : Europe


  • Alescargot Licensing is the first of its kind to offer a turnkey solution to transform you into a true heliciculture business and become a master of setting up your facility and excelling in snail farming.
  • Farming Techniques: Acquire essential skills in snail farming, from selecting snails to their nutrition.
  • Expert Support: Benefit from the advice and expertise of industry professionals to optimize your production.
  • Marketing Optimization: Learn how to use effective tools to boost your sales and enhance your business's visibility.
  • Time Management: Discover methods to efficiently manage your farming operations and save time.

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