• August 18, 2021 1:51 pm
  • North America
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Se77antasette is the first concept yacht designed for Benetti by Fernando Romero. Premiered at the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show, Se77antasette embodies Benetti’s spirit of innovation, design, technology, and handcraftsmanship. Precisely 77 meters long and 14.20 meters wide, Se77antasette is featuring a revolutionary design in which flowing lines are combined with complex structures that draw their inspiration from the marine habitat, creating harmonious connections between all decks, designs features, and surrounding environment. This type of design also draws on the use of highly advanced technology that can be found firstly in the innovative layout of the navigation systems and of the propulsion system. The radar equipment, which is usually in full view on top of the yacht, is totally integrated and invisible here. Benetti’s engineers have worked with leading aerospace and marine suppliers to devise a totally new way to hide the navigation equipment inside a glass dome, without compromising the control of the yacht and the safety of the owner, their guests, and the crew. With regards to propulsion, the final configuration is made with 5 variable speed Caterpillar generators that allow the use of the full power available from the diesel engine. With this configuration, it was possible to keep the entire engine room on only one level, the lower deck. The stern entry deck, with three complete openings, is transformed into a huge terrace that overlooks the surrounding sea. Here guests can relax in the freshwater swimming pool and have a massage, or alternatively use it as a gym. Source by Benetti and Romero. Info project https://goo.gl/UmXnhY


  • Location : Africa


  • Benetti has introduced a new 77m concept, Se77antasette, in cooperation with designer, Fernando Romero on the eve of the Monaco Yacht Show. The concept sees Benetti stray from its typical lines to a new form. Se77antasette's innovative design features include a glass dome on top of the sundeck that is able to hide all of the yacht's navigational equipment inside the superstructure without diminishing its capabilities.

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