• August 20, 2021 7:53 am
  • North America

This sprawling island in the Bahamas is a beautiful tropical escape that you didn’t know you needed. One of the best things about this place is its connectivity from Nassau, which takes merely 30 minutes by flight. At $28 million, this tropical paradise is home to plenty of sandy beaches, where you can lay in the sun, sip coconut water and read a good book. If reading a book doesn’t excite you, you could very well take the entire day to stroll the property, explore new kinds of flora that are local to this island.


  • Location : North Amercica


  • On the Bird Cay Islands, you will also find a building that is two storeys tall and boasts of a luxurious swimming pool. In addition to that, this island on the Bahamas can accommodate your entire family for a party or a gathering with guest houses and cottages to ensure that they experience opulence throughout their stay. It doesn’t matter what part of the island you are on; the ocean views are as ravishing as they can get and you could spend all day watching the waves gently crash against the land.

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