• August 22, 2021 2:00 pm
  • North America

Yauali’s work fuses visions of the dream world with nature and the cosmos, often using Geometry, Mathematics, Semiotics, and Numerology. Through the use of ancient and contemporary symbols from different cultures, and other techniques such as Entheogenesis, his work is built from symbolic syncretism, mixing all these concepts with a “luminous” or “glittering” plastic expression that gives his canvases an air ethereal and mystical.

Predominantly her artistic production focuses on the design and execution of personalized mandalas, using basic numerical information and concepts and interpretations extracted from the history and convictions of the client. Two years ago he started experimenting with Laser cut machine, creating a new branch in his artistic career.

During her tenure, she has also shown interest in exploring the healing properties of art, understanding it as a transforming force in contemporary Society. Hence, it is common to find him teaching drawing courses and workshops for children mainly

Liberal thinking and inquiring nature, he has also experimented with other kinds of artistic expression besides the painting, such as audiovisual animations, body paint, and custom tattoo design.


  • Location : North Amercica


  • In this piece, the superposition of the multiple layers represents the different facets of the human being in its interaction with the surrounding world through its life.
  • 1-Man is the central figure of creation. The soul, the heart, and the human psyche contain many answers to the great questions of human existence. Our fragility is proportional to our ability to transform our environment and build a monument to remember our ancestors. Metatron's cube symbolizes the perfection of the human body.
  • 2-This area symbolizes the rigor and precision of human rationality, represented in this case with a simple geometrical pattern of 14 points.
  • 3-The plant forms represent the natural context of creation and that is where a man can obtain what is necessary to make his spirit shine and grow stronger.
  • 4-In this area, the "Fibonacci sequence" is represented, a geometric proportion that is present in all creation and that was very much used by classical Renaissance artists. This composition represents mathematical thought and its relation with aesthetic canons.
  • 5-The fluid and organic geometry represents in this case the human sensibility to interact with the artistic and oneiric part of our psyche. Its multiple layers reflect the complex but simple way in which this interaction is configured.
  • 6-Our planet is part of an intricate astronomical dance within the solar system. Here our galactic neighborhood occupies a place to make clear our smallness and our brief existence compared to the stars.
  • 7-The machines and the influence and power that they have given us to facilitate our existence and modify the environment is reflected in this area of the composition, being a very important part of the development of Humanity since the appearance of man on Earth.

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